Brian Mehrman


Hi, my name is Brian Mehrman.

I am a software engineer, specializing in web application development. My background is in Interactive Design and Game Development. I started off learning to design games and websites but quickly found a passion for software development. My current language of choice is Ruby, but one can never know enough computer languages.

Language Exp(yrs.)
Python 5
Ruby 7
Javascript 9
ActionScript 6
Java 2
C++ 1

I learned a little scripting and coding while in high school, but my real love for programming started in college with game development. Flash, Director, 3d Studio Max, Unreal Engine, and Half-Life Engine, these are where I first used code to do something useful.

After college I picked up Python while building tools for game development at Volition, Inc. While there I also learned C++ and HLSL. I entered the web development industry in the winter of 2011. I worked on a multi tenant web application built in Ruby on Rails.

Ruby was the first language where building object oriented structures can natural to me. With all I have learned over the past decade I find myself still trying to learn more languages and learn new programming concenpts.

This site is here to help document what I have learned, as well as share my projects I am working on.